Darcy S. O'Neil

It all started with a decision to study chemistry, and that has turned out to be a good choice. I spent the first 7 years working at Imperial Oil Research (Esso) developing automotive lubricants and then moved on to the University of Western Ontario (UWO) to work in molecular pathology.

Concurrent to working at UWO I branched out and began writing about drinks at Art of Drink, working part-time as a bartender, published a book on the history of the soda fountain, as well as doing presentations around the world talking about science and history.

Currently, I produce historical drink ingredients (Acid Phosphate and Lactart) and have recently branched out into farming, beekeeping grape growing, possibly opening a winery and I can still be found writing on Art of Drink.


What I Do


Published Fix the Pumps, The History of the American Soda Fountain (2010) which was nominated for Best New Cocktail Book (2011 at Tales of the Cocktail.


Writing about drinks since 2004. Blogging at Art of Drink on the topics of cocktails, soda fountains the history and science of drinks and since 2005.

Public Speaker

Doing presentations on the history of cocktails and taste science around the world (Vancouver, New Orleans, Toronto, Berlin, Moscow, Athen, Dubia plus more) since 2007.


Over 14 years of experience working in research and development labs, including 7 years in engine oil research and 6 years in molecular pathology at the University of Western Ontario.


A recent ambition of growing food but also working towards planting 11 acres of grapevines for the production of wine along the Northshore of Lake Erie.

Grape Grower

The newest project (2021) is growing low environmental impact wine grapes on 11 acres on the Northshore of Lake Erie.